About us

Where water tanks are made
Coast & Country
Located at 10 Mayfair Close, Morisset

Our new premises located at Morisset -  just one minute off the M1 Pacific Highway

Australian owned and operated

Coast & Country Water Tanks is a small, family owned and operated business. We were once known as MRC Metal Roofing Contractors but around 15 years ago we made the jump into the rainwater harvesting industry.

We deliver rainwater tanks across NSW

We've been servicing New South Wales since 2001 and continue to do so through distributors, project home builders and selling directly to the public. The experience we've gained over that time has led us to become a leading manufacturer in steel rainwater tanks as well as an expert in rain harvesting systems.

Small enough to be personal, big enough to be professional.

Why we're different

  • We are customer focused - not volume focused - While we are set up to produce steel water tanks in high volumes, it isn't our priority. From the start, we have been a customer focused business - working with our clients to produce the best outcome. Water tanks, in particular, are often an after-thought. We can customise your water tank to fit your needs.
  • Personal service - We provide a personal service unmatched by your typical manufacturer. We deal with distributors, builders and the public in a wide range of products which has given us a great amount of experience. More often than not, you'll deal with the exact same person throughout the course of your order.
  • We're flexible. We're not bound by company policy - if you need something out of the ordinary, feel free to ask and we'll see what we can do. We've built custom tanks that our competitors can't, we can build tanks on-site when the only access is the front door and built a tank in a day when others said it would be 3 weeks.
Slimline water tank