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Coast and Country has been manufacturing and delivering water tanks throughout NSW for over fifteen years. We've supplied some of the biggest names in the building industry, plumbing stores as well as the general public. When you choose Coast and Country, you get a high quality product with personal service. As you browse our website you'll find galleries of our past water tanks, garden bed and pump packages. You can find great information on this site or you call us on 1800 826 570 and speak with our friendly staff.

Buying a water tank can be a daunting process - especially if it's your first time. If this is the case, we'd advise calling us and we'd happily answer any questions you might have. There a number of things to consider when buying a water tank and we do cover the basics on this website. Feel free to explore our blog posts.

Coast and Country delivers all across New South Wales: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, South Coast, Mid-North Coast, New England, Hunter Valley and North Coast. From our factory to your tank pad.

Our most popular products

Learn more about our most common products: slimline and round water tanks

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Steel slimline water tanks

Slimline rainwater tanks are the most common tank type in Australia. Every new home needs a rainwater tank and with shrinking blocks, slimline water tanks are cost effective and simple.

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Steel round water tanks

Round rainwater tanks are a great option when space is available. They can be made as large as 21,500 litres and offer the best value for money.

Raised garden beds

Coast and Country also provide a line of beautiful raised garden beds. Our raised garden beds are made from Bluescope steel and come completely assembled, so all you need to do is start your garden.
Our garden beds come completely child-safe with all sharp edges machine rolled and all fasteners are sealed to protect you from any sharp points. Our raised garden beds are a fantastic option for restaurants, cafes, schools, retirement homes, nurseries, gardening co-ops or any avid gardener. When you buy a Coast and Country garden bed, you can rest assured that you are buying a high quality product that looks great.

Made from Bluescope steel

A high quality material built to last - and it's 100% recyclable.

Available in a range of heights

Varying heights let you cater your garden bed to what you're growing.

Available in all Colorbond colours

You can have your garden bed match your roof or gutters or you can choose a great contrasting colour.



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A water tank is an incredible product for many reasons. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to play an active part in reducing the issue of water shortages in times of drought. Water preservation in Australia is such a critical thing that in New South Wales most new residential and commercial properties must have a rainwater tank!

Water tanks can also help you save money on your water bills. When building a new home in New South Wales, thanks to BASIX, you almost always need a water tank. Water tanks are installed on your property and the water stored from rain is used for things such as flushing toilets, washing clothes as well as watering the gardens and lawn.

We are a steel rainwater tank manufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience and can offer you a wide range of Australian made water tanks, pumps and accessories. When buying direct from the manufacturer you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best price and an excellent quality product. Our water tanks are manufactured in Morisset, New South Wales and freighted across New South Wales.

While we don’t install rainwater tanks, we do have a great network of plumbers that we work with. Depending on your location, we can give you the contact details for many plumbers that we know and trust.

Browse through our water tanks and accessories online and then call us to ask a question or place your order. Coast & Country Water Tanks supplies steel water tanks produced in our own factory as well as poly water tanks sourced from select manufacturers.

We also sell a fantastic range of rainwater pumps, hand-chosen by our team, that will suit any application that you have in mind. Our entire pump range includes a 2-year in field warranty so you don’t need to worry about your pump breaking down prematurely. Our range of pumps is high quality. Over the past 15 years we’ve seen most brands come and go so you can trust our experience in brand name pumps. We only stock cost-effective pumps that last.

Not only are rainwater tanks great for toilets, laundry, gardens, lawns and washing the car – water tanks are critical in bush-fire prone areas. Our selection of steel water tanks are suitable for bush fire prone areas where fire-fighting water tank is required by your local council. Our fire-fighting water tanks come with a 65mm storz fitting pre-installed and all metal fittings so they don’t break down when you need them most.

Our steel rainwater tanks come in an enormous range of dimensions to suit your needs. Our steel water tank range come in slimline, round, rectangular and square formats so you fit your tank perfectly into the available space. We’ll work with you to get the capacity you need without taking up an additional space.

If you’re unsure about what you need in a water tank you can call us on 1800 826 570. It’s a free-call and our staff are always happy to help.


Steel water tanks round and slimline available in custom sizes

All colours, shapes and sizes.

Get creative with your water tank. Don't restrict yourself to a small number of shapes and variations. Explore our range and find exactly what is right for you!